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Tankless Water Heaters vs Storage Water Heaters: Which is Your Go-to Choice?

| Wednesday July 6, 2022

A water heater is a definite must-have in all Malaysian homes. Nothing feels better than to start and end your day with a warm shower and what better way to enjoy that than investing in a water heater that can provide you with a continuous, stable and instantaneous hot water supply. To enjoy such an experience, you simply have to invest and install a tankless or storage water heater for your house.

The next question would be: ‘What are tankless water heaters and storage water heaters?’

These two types of water heaters deliver the same purpose: to provide a reliable,

6 Essential Tips for Using Water Heaters Safely & Efficiently

| Monday May 9, 2022

Water heaters are an indispensable appliance for every modern household. Through the use of electricity or solar power, these handy devices ensure a constant, comforting flow of hot water in every bathroom.

However, while we’ve come a long way from boiling water over an open fire for our baths, that doesn’t mean that we can operate completely free of safety precautions. Water heaters involve a unique combination of running water, high temperatures and live electricity in close proximity to our bodies.

How to Create a Premium Shower Experience

| Wednesday December 15, 2021
How to create a premium shower experience banner

As the good, old saying goes: there is no better place than home. Indeed, our homes are always going to be our favourite places to be at. And, when it comes to showering, it’s always a great feeling to be able to shower in our own bathrooms. Hence, we should always try to make our bathrooms as comfortable as possible. From getting the right water heater in Malaysia (preferably a water heater with pump and rain shower) to getting the lightings right,

How Long Does a Typical Water Heater Last Me?

| Tuesday October 19, 2021
How long does a typical water heater last me banner

Fun fact: water heaters do not last you a lifetime. In fact, like most home appliances, water heaters will break down at some point. The bigger question to ask here is how long does a typical water heater last me?

Broadly speaking, there are two types of residential water heaters in the market: tankless water heater, as well as tank water heater.

Here in Malaysia, most families use electric tankless hot water heaters,

The Finishing Touches to Your Home Renovation

| Tuesday August 31, 2021

After much effort, you are now finally done with renovating your house. Everything is now new, and the old touch is gone. However, it seems like there are still some things that look unfinished. Is there something wrong with the living room wall? Where should you place your furniture? Does this ornamental item look great over there?

Needless to say, after you’re done with renovations, there’s still plenty of work to be done to your newly renovated home.

4 Small Tips that You Can do to Help Conserve Energy

| Tuesday August 31, 2021

These days, with global warming changing the entire atmosphere of the world, energy conservation is now a hot topic for discussion. The overall daily temperature is slowly increasing, and it is evident that if we ignore taking care of the earth now, we will surely make things difficult for our future generations. And even though the topic of conserving the environment is always in the headlines, people seem to that think it is difficult to make changes at home to save energy.


| Tuesday August 3, 2021
Banner of the epitome of instant water heater

Great companies are those who understand the requirements of their customers and implement them accordingly. To that end, Rheem is one of the most renowned, established, and successful instant water heater companies. They manufacture high-quality storage water heaters and tankless water heater in Malaysia, which explains why Rheem should be your go-to brand.


With close to 100 years of experience and history, Rheem is undoubtedly an expert in both residential and commercial water heating solutions.

4 Reasons Why You Must Own An Electric Storage Water Heater

| Tuesday August 3, 2021
Why you must own an electric storage water heater banner

If you were living in a place where there might be chilling weather, you would wish to have warm water readily available for doing house chores or relaxing in a bathtub after a long and tiring day. In other words, a reliable and continuous flow of hot water is nothing short of a blessing. For this reason, you should consider getting an electric storage water heater in your house.

Here in Malaysia, you might be wondering why should you get a water heater,

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