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Do Tankless Water Heaters Work When the Power Goes Out?

| Monday September 26, 2022

If you have lived in an area which experiences frequent power trips or power outages, you would know that once the power goes out, many appliances in the household would stop working. Nowadays, almost every household is outfitted with the latest and most advanced household appliances. Some of these appliances include fridges, kitchen stovetops, washing and drying machines, air conditioners and water heaters. Although modern appliances are much more advanced,

How Long Should a Tankless Water Heater Last?

| Wednesday August 17, 2022

As a consumer, one of the first things we want to know when purchasing an appliance is how long it would be able to last us. In this article, we will be taking a deeper dive into how long a tankless water heater should last you and what you can do to extend its lifespan. 

A tankless water heater – also known as an instant water heater, is a common household appliance in most Malaysian homes.

When Should You Replace Your Water Heater?

| Monday August 15, 2022

6 Telltale Signs That You Need a New One!

A long-overdue water heater replacement not only could result in costly damage to your home, but it may also bring about accidents and electrocution hazards as well! 

This is why you should look out for certain telltale signs that it’s time to get a new one.

#1 Lukewarm Water

The most obvious, straightforward sign that your water heater may need replacing is that your heater could no longer generate hot water.

The Advantages of a Tankless Water Heater 

| Monday August 15, 2022

What most people didn’t know is that they might be wasting a substantial amount of energy, water, and money with a traditional, aged water heater. Some Malaysian homes are still using storage-type water heater, which features these big, bulky tanks. 

These storage heaters are much larger and heavier than tankless water heaters and they are usually mounted away on the ceiling or in a hidden corner. For heaters like these, heat will be depleted if many people are using it at once.

How to choose the right tankless hot water heater for your home

| Thursday July 7, 2022

When shopping for a new water heater for your house, it is recommended to look for one that will supply enough hot water for your household while also being energy efficient.

A water heater is not a small investment to make for your household. Although it is not something that is an extravagant expense, the cost of a water heater is still a substantial investment that should be carefully considered before purchasing it.

5 Benefits of Instant Water Heaters

| Monday May 9, 2022

Hate having your hot shower turn cold halfway through? If you do, what you need is an instant water heater.

There are two different types of water heaters: instant water heaters and storage water heaters. Of the two types, instant water heaters are the more recent development in the water heating market. As the name suggests, instant water heaters are able to heat up water on demand. Turn on an instant water heater and cold water will travel through a pipe,

3 Exquisite Health Benefits of Showering with Hot Water

| Wednesday June 23, 2021

After a stressful week where you work to the highest extremes, you’ll want to detangle yourself and relax for a while. After all, is it wrong to lay off a little steam every now and then? We believe not!

Since we are talking about relaxation, what are some things that you do to help you relax? Well, let us take a little guess: perhaps a nice, long shower with an instant water heater?

What Is a Storage Water Heater? The Ultimate Guide.

| Wednesday June 23, 2021

Suppose you just came back from a long day at work and you simply cannot wait to get into the bathroom for a nice, long, and warm shower. However, another family member is also concurrently taking a shower in another bathroom, or doing the dishes, or washing the clothes. This simultaneous use of water will cause fluctuations in both water temperature as well as water pressure, especially so if you are using an electric instant water heater.

5 Reasons Why Instant Water Heaters are Commonly Found in Malaysian Household Bathrooms

| Wednesday May 19, 2021

Here in Malaysia, the weather is hot all year round. However, despite the hot weather, water heaters in Malaysia are aplenty. Why is this the case?

Well, this is because even in a hot and tropical country like Malaysia, a warm shower can go a long way in enhancing the shower experience. A warm shower can also have plenty of physical, mental, and emotional benefits for us.

In Malaysia, most residential households have instant water heaters.

8 Advantages of Instant Water Heaters

| Friday May 7, 2021

When it comes to have a great and comfortable shower, nobody will reject one. Whoever you are, or whatever you do, you always deserve a great shower experience. But how can you get a great shower experience? Well, it all depends on a good quality water heater, be it storage or tankless water heaters. Here in Malaysia, tankless or instant water heaters are more popular, and can be commonly found in the bathrooms of many households.

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