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Premier Hiline Solar Water Heater

Product Highlights
  • Close Coupled Collectors and 300 Litre Tank
  • S200 Collector Provides Good Performance in All Locations
  • Fully Frost Protected
  • Better Suited to Poor Water Quality Areas

Rheem Premier Hiline® uses natural thermosiphon principles to efficiently transfer the energy from the collectors into the stainless steel storage tank. There is no need for circulators and primary flow and return lines. And the close coupled tank and collector saves plant room foot print. A closed circuit fluid transfers the energy via an internal heat exchanger into potable water stored in the tank.

  • Close coupled collectors and 300 litre tank
  • S200 collector provides good performance in all locations
  • Electric booster provides hot water in poor weather conditions
  • Fully frost protected
  • Features an indirect heat exchange design, providing reliable operation in any climate
  • Lightweight and durable stainless steel tank cylinder (52H Series).
  • Space saving roof mounted installation.
  • Suitable for use with a wide range of water chemistries (52C Series)

 Roof System Non-FrostRoof System Frost-Protected
Storage Capacity (L)160300180300
Solar Collectors1 (NPT200)2 (NPT200)1 (S200)2 (S200)
Booster TypeElectric
Booster Capacity (L)8016090150
People Per Household1-22-51-22-5
Dimensions & Specifications
Height (A) (mm)540563
Width (B) (mm)1138219811382198
Depth (C) (mm)2490
Collector Depth (D) (mm)1937194119411941
Collector Width (E) (mm)1022209410231023
Collector Height (F) (mm)7980
Weight Empty – Tank (kg)701005378
Weight Full – Tank (kg)230400231373
Weight Empty – Solar Collectors (kg)39784896
Weight Full – Solar Collectors (kg)418252104

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