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How to choose the right tankless hot water heater for your home

| Thursday July 7, 2022

When shopping for a new water heater for your house, it is recommended to look for one that will supply enough hot water for your household while also being energy efficient.

A water heater is not a small investment to make for your household. Although it is not something that is an extravagant expense, the cost of a water heater is still a substantial investment that should be carefully considered before purchasing it.

Tankless Water Heaters vs Storage Water Heaters: Which is Your Go-to Choice?

| Wednesday July 6, 2022

A water heater is a definite must-have in all Malaysian homes. Nothing feels better than to start and end your day with a warm shower and what better way to enjoy that than investing in a water heater that can provide you with a continuous, stable and instantaneous hot water supply. To enjoy such an experience, you simply have to invest and install a tankless or storage water heater for your house.

The next question would be: ‘What are tankless water heaters and storage water heaters?’

These two types of water heaters deliver the same purpose: to provide a reliable,

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