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5 Reasons Why Instant Water Heaters are Commonly Found in Malaysian Household Bathrooms

| Wednesday May 19, 2021

Here in Malaysia, the weather is hot all year round. However, despite the hot weather, water heaters in Malaysia are aplenty. Why is this the case?

Well, this is because even in a hot and tropical country like Malaysia, a warm shower can go a long way in enhancing the shower experience. A warm shower can also have plenty of physical, mental, and emotional benefits for us.

In Malaysia, most residential households have instant water heaters. Have you ever wondered why water heaters in Malaysia are mainly tankless? Well, that is because instant water heaters have quite a number of benefits. Here are five reasons why instant water heaters are common found in Malaysian household bathrooms:

rheem instant water heaters

Compact and Sleek Design

Typically, storage water heaters take up a large amount of space in the bathroom. This is because storage water heaters come with a storage water tank. On the other hand, an instant water heater does not come with a water tank, and thus can be easily fitted onto a bathroom wall to save space.

For people living in small apartments and sharing rooms, this is great news because they can afford to have hot showers without having to sacrifice precious ground space.

A technician is intalling a water heater shower in the bathroom

Quick and Convenient Assembly

Installing a water heater shower is never an easy task, especially if it is a bulky storage water heater. This is because the plumber will need to take into consideration the space needed, as well as having the necessary pipes to connect the storage water heater to your showerhead. On the other hand, installing an instant water heater does not require that much effort: simply identify the spot on the bathroom wall where you want to install it, as well as the nearest electricity point, and you are ready to have a relaxing warm shower! Plus, because the installation effort is easier, it should save you on plumbing and installation costs too!

A figure of a man who is shocked when check time

A Time Saver is a Lifesaver!

As the name indicates, instant water heaters heat water instantaneously.

After a busy day at work, you must be looking forward to enjoying a hot shower in the evening. However, with a storage water heater, you need to wait for the water to be heated up in the storage tank. Now, waiting for water to be heated up may not seem like a big deal to you. However, should you ever be late for an appointment, you would be able to appreciate the convenience of having water heated instantaneously.


With storage water heaters, energy is consumed for longer duration because it more time is needed to heat the water in the storage tank. However, for instant water heaters, energy is consumed only when you require a hot shower. This means that with lower electricity consumption, your monthly utility bill will be lower.

How water is pouring from a shower that is connected to instant water heater

Continuous Flow of Hot Water

With a storage water heater, there is a chance that hot water may run out, especially if there were back-to-back showers by multiple family members. When the storage tank runs low on hot water, you will need to give it time for the tank to be refilled and heated up. After a long and busy day at work, surely you do not want to spend time waiting for water to be heated up.

However, with an instant water heater, such a scenario will not happen. This is because instant water heaters are tankless in nature, so there is no storage of water, and no need for any waiting. Whenever you need and want a hot shower, simply hop in and enjoy!

Where can you Get an Instant Water Heater?

From the points above, it is evident that an instant water heater is a useful bathroom appliance to have in every Malaysian household. Not only will they adorn your bathroom with it sleek look, they can provide you with a relaxing and warm shower whenever you need or want one.

Looking for a quality and durable instant water heater in Malaysia? Consider Rheem! A water heating expert with close to 100 years of history and experience, Rheem is known to provide high quality and durable water heating products and solutions for both residential and commercial needs. To find out more about Rheem’s range of quality instant water heaters in Malaysia, visit: https://www.rheemmalaysia.com/products/electric-instant-water-heaters/

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