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Best Water Heater Supplier/Distributor in Malaysia

| Wednesday July 26, 2023

Rheem is a household name that has become synonymous with quality, reliability and durability when it comes to residential and commercial water heating solutions. With almost 100 years of experience in the water heaters industry, Rheem – an American company – has consistently pioneered the development of innovative advancements and progress in water heating technology.


With regional headquarters in Singapore and factories located in the Southeast Asia region, Rheem is able to provide a wide variety of water heating solutions that cater to region-specific needs. Rheem’s ability to deliver quickly and efficiently respond to the demands and needs of the market has helped make Rheem stand out among our competitors. In fact, to date, Rheem has installed over one million water heaters in Southeast Asia for both residential and commercial projects – solidifying Rheem’s presence in Southeast Asia. 


Providing advanced comfort, high-quality performance and energy-efficient water heating solutions is at the heart of Rheem’s values. Let’s take a deeper look into why Rheem is considered one of Malaysia’s best water heating solutions providers. 


One of the reasons why Rheem is considered the best water heater provider in Malaysia is due to our commitment to quality. Rheem’s water heating appliances are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, making sure that customers experience superior performance and also long-lasting durability. 


Another reason why Rheem is considered the best water provider in Malaysia is due to the wide range of products available. Rheem offers a wide range of residential and commercial water heating solutions in Malaysia to suit different needs and budgets. At Rheem, you can find residential instant electric water heaters, residential storage electric water heaters, solar water heaters, commercial heat pump water heaters and much more. Whether you’re looking for a water heater for your home or a commercial water heating appliance for your business, Rheem is your go-to water heating solutions provider. 


Lastly, on top of providing high-quality water heating solutions, Rheem is dedicated to achieving sustainability in all aspects of the business process. Rheem believes in leading with a bold approach to improving our products and processes, which will help cut our impact on the environment and also empower our customers and partners to work and live sustainably. Rheem’s 3 pillars of sustainability include: the Degree of Innovation, the Degree of Efficiency and the Degree of Leadership. All of which aim to achieve Rheem’s overarching goal of designing for zero waste in the long run. 


If you are looking for a reliable, durable and efficient water heating solution, why not consider Rheem? With almost 100 years of expertise, dedication to producing high-quality products and commitment to sustainability, Rheem is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a quality water heating solution for your home or business. 


Look no further than Rheem to upgrade your hot shower experience today! Find out more about the extensive catalog of water heating appliances Rheem Malaysia has available. Reach out to our distributors for more information about our water heaters or get recommendations on which products suit your needs best!

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