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The Anatomy of an Electric Storage Tank

| Friday May 7, 2021

In Malaysia, electric storage tank water heater is not commonly used in residential households as much as electric instant water heater. Still, there are households in Malaysia that prefer to take a shower with an electric storage tank. But what are electric storage water heaters?

Well, to put it simply, electric storage water heaters are shower appliances that provides hot water for a warm shower. The basic components of an electric storage water heater include:

  • A water tank
  • Heating elements
  • Water inlet/outlet
  • Safety systems

The Heating Process in an Electric Water Heater

The electric storage water heater is a simple device with a simple process. Cold water first flows into the lower part of the tank. In the tank, the heating element heats the water up. Once the water is hot enough, the hot water flows upwards to the top of the tank.

Safety Systems of the Electric Water Heater

When it comes to using water heaters, safety is a key concern; after all, we would never want to ourselves or our loved ones to be scalded by water that is too hot for the human body to handle. To that end, Rheem ensures that all its products are equipped with multiple safety features to prevent overheating. Most notably, Rheem products come with auto cut off, which ensures that in the unlike event of a product malfunction, the water heaters will automatically stop heating at a pre-set temperature to avoid scalding.

You must be curious: how does the insides of a water heater tank Malaysia look like?

Well, in this article, we will open up an electric storage tank from Rheem and show you what is inside of it.

  • High Density Energy Saving Insulation Foam

Rheem electric storage water heaters are insulated with high density polyurethane foam (PUF). This means that after heating up the water, you can turn off your electric storage water heater without worry because hot water will continue to stay heated in the tank for several hours. Hence, the next time you turn on the storage water heater several hours later, you may not need to spend much time or energy heating the water up.

  • 5-Bolt Flange

A flange that is secured by five bolts makes it sturdier to prevent water leakages. Moreover, the bolts are removeable to allow for easy maintenance or replacement of parts if necessary.

  • Heavy Duty Resistored Magnesium Sacrificial Anode Rod

This rod is made up of magnesium and it has a steel core. This rod is suspended in the water to keep erosion at the least. As the name suggests, a sacrificial anode rod sacrifices itself to prolong the lifespan of the tank. This is because over time, bacteria in the water may cause corrosion to the water tank. However, with an anode rod installed in the tank, the bacteria will attack the rod instead, extending the lifespan of the water tank. Moreover, it is easier and cheaper to replace the anode rod in the tank than to replace the entire electric storage water heater unit itself.


Resistored Anode-Rod-LR water heater tank

  • Heavy Gauge Tank with Blue Diamond Enamel Coating Layer

At Rheem, we only use high quality materials to ensure durability. When it comes to the inner tank, apart from using high-grade metals, we went a step further by coating the inner tank with Blue Diamond Enamel to provide additional layer of protection against corrosion.

  • Superior Quality Glasslined Heating Element

For superior performance, Rheem electric storage water heaters come with high-quality Incoloy heating element. Incoloy is commonly known as a super alloy that is able to withstand high temperature while ensuring fast heating. For added durability, the Incoloy heating element comes with enamel coating to prevent corrosion.


Heating Element 3LR of tankless water heater


  • Water Inlet with Whirlflow Diffuser

This proprietary diffuser helps to control the manner for which water flows into the tank. By controlling the manner for how water flows into the tank, the diffuser can help to increase the rate of heating as well as the amount of hot water.

  • Thermostat

The thermostat is a thermometer that measures and controls the temperature in the water heater. This is located on the control panel of the water heater.

  • Pressure Relief Valve

This valve is used to maintain the pressure in the water heater and keep it under safe levels. If there is too much pressure built up in the heater, this valve can help to release the pressure from the inner tank to an acceptable level so as to make it safe to use again.

Pressure Relief Valve 1LR electric water heater

The diagram below provides a die cut view into how Rheem water heater looks like inside:

Die Cut Internal View of Rheem Storage Water Heater

Looking for an electric storage water heater? Consider Rheem! With close to 100 years of history and experience, Rheem is an expert in water heating products and can provide you with a variety of quality and durable electric storage water heaters. To learn more about water heaters available in Malaysia, visit https://www.rheemmalaysia.com/products/electric-storage-tank/



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