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Things to Consider Before Having An Electric Instant Water Heater Installed

| Monday March 4, 2024

Who does not love the idea of endless hot water on demand? Instant water heaters make that dream a reality, promising never-ending steamy showers. Whether you are buying a new house or planning a home renovation, the thought of installing an instant water heater might have crossed your mind. Before you dive headfirst into the instant water heater world, taking a moment to consider specific factors can ensure a smooth transition and happy showers for years to come. Let’s break down five essential aspects to guide homeowners through the decision-making process, ensuring a well-informed choice for water heating needs.

1. Installation Space and Location

While compactness is a major perk, space alone is not the only installation consideration. Assess potential locations for adequate airflow to ensure a safe environment, ensure proximity to cold water lines, and consider hot water pipe lengths, as longer distances can affect the flow rate. Safety regulations are paramount, consult a qualified plumber to ensure compliance and avoid potential hazards.

2. Power Supply Compatibility

Verify your electrical system to avoid compatibility issues. Ensure you are well-informed about the power requirements of different instant water heaters, as they are measured in kilowatts (kW). Incompatibilities in wiring can be averted through thorough assessment.

Verify whether the electrical system in your home can meet the power requirements of the selected instant water heater model. This involves ensuring that your home’s wiring and electrical infrastructure can provide the necessary power without overloading. Consulting a qualified electrician ensures compatibility and avoids potential safety risks or costly rewiring.

3. Maintenance and Lifespan

Compared to tanks, instant water heaters require different maintenance routines. Some models utilize filters or require annual scaling prevention measures. Opt for models with replaceable Incoloy heating elements and stainless-steel heating chambers. The stainless-steel chamber provides superior resistance to rust and scaling, making maintenance easier and minimizing the risk of leaks or malfunctions.

For added family protection, consider models with AG+ Antibacterial Technology that inhibit bacterial growth within the water heater. This technology rigorously tested and approved by accredited laboratories, effectively eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, providing an extra layer of protection for your family’s well-being.

Furthermore, research the expected lifespan of different models, considering brands known for longevity and readily available support. Selecting a reliable brand guarantees peace of mind with its extensive warranties and readily available technical support.

4. Energy Efficiency & Flow Rate Requirements

Environmental and cost-conscious decisions go hand-in-hand nowadays. Although tankless heaters eliminate standby heating and are beneficial in reducing energy waste, there are significant differences in their energy efficiency, with some being more energy-efficient than others. For example, one of the electric Instant water heaters from Rheem, the Royal Platinum Instant Water Heater emerges as a standout performer when it comes to environmentally friendly and cost-effective choices.

The Royal Platinum Instant Water Heater prioritizes energy efficiency through innovative designs. The digital display effectively tracks water flow rate, empowering you to monitor your hot water usage and gain insights into your energy consumption patterns. The soft-touch LCD display enhances user interaction with the water heater, allowing for easy adjustments and monitoring of settings. This feature contributes to energy efficiency by providing users with precise control over temperature settings, ensuring that energy is not wasted by overheating water beyond their actual needs.

By understanding your hot water habits, you can implement strategies to further optimize your energy use and potentially lower your energy costs. Matching your usage patterns with the appropriate flow rate prevents unexpected temperature drops and ensures everyone enjoys a comfortable hot water experience.


The need for a thorough evaluation before installing an electric instant water heater cannot be overlooked. The comprehensive approaches highlighted above serve as a foundation for making well-informed decisions. If you are in search of a reliable electric instant water heater, consider reaching out to Rheem dealers. Our dealers are equipped to guide you through the intricacies of various factors, carefully assessing your specific needs and recommending the ideal Rheem electric instant water heater model.

With nearly a century of experience in the water heating industry, Rheem continues to lead in developing innovative and advanced hot water solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of customers. Explore the array of electric instant water heaters by Rheem designed for residential use.

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