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RCY Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heater

RCY Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heater
  • High impact resistance ABS body for added durability 
  • Exclusive vitreous enamel coating to resist corrosion in inner tank
  • Self-sacrificing resistored anode rod to counter aggressive water and prolong lifespan of storage water heater
  • High density CFC free polyurethane foam with epoxy coated jacket for superior heat retention to reduce heating time and enhance energy savings
  • Pressure relief valve with built in check valve for added safety to prevent excess build-up pressure in inner tank
  • Adjustable immersion thermostat with thermal cut out to avoid overheating and prevent scalding
  • Enamel water connection to protect pipes from rust
  • On/off indicator lights for added safety to indicate operating status of water heater
  • High-performance Incoloy 840 immersion heating element to provide fast heating, protect heating element from rust, and withstand high temperature

Capacity (Litres)101530
Voltage230V -50/60Hz
Max Working Temperature75°C
Max Working Pressure0.8MPa (8 bar)
Ingress ProtectionIPX4
Heating ElementIncoloy
Product Dimension365 x 364 x 293mm395 x 395 x 338mm445 x 445 x 383mm
  • 10-30 Liter Storage Capacity
  • High Impact Resistance ABS Body
  • Pressure Relief Valve with Built-in Check Valve

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