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Rheem MPi Series All In One Heat Pump Water Heater

Product Highlights
  • Capable of producing hot water up to 60°C for residential and light commercial domestic water heating application
  • Utilises multi-pass heating of the water
  • Whisper technology enables quieter operation

  • Cost-efficient installation without additional tempering valve required
  • Easy installation that can be performed by certified plumbers
  • Hot water readily available with unique, back-up element
  • Ensures water is heated up with multi-pass heating, a process that heat water by passing the water through the heat exchanger multiple times
  • Stay notified on operating status of water heater with in-built LED display

    Product Code551325551410
    Suitable for No. of People (Moderate Climate)2 - 52 - 6
    Height (A) (mm)16311842
    Width (B) (mm)894961
    Depth (C) (mm)638685
    Module Height (D) (mm)1018
    Heat Pump Module (kg)42
    Tank (kg)88112
    Storage Capacity (L)325410
    Power Input (Watts)800
    Element Sizes (kW)1.8, 2.4 or 3.62.4 or 3.6
    Boost Capacity (L)180200
    Water Connections & Settings
    Inlet (RP)3/4 /20
    Outlet (RP)3/4 /20
    Tank Relief Valve Setting (kPa)1000
    ECV Setting (kPa)850
    Maximum Mains Pressure Settings
    With ECV (kPa)680
    Without ECV (kPa)800
    Min. Water Supply Pressure (kPa)200

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