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Heat Pump Water Heaters: What are They

| Monday May 11, 2020

We are constantly surrounded by heat here in Southeast Asia—the constant heatwave, machinery at certain commercial properties that generate heat as a by-product, etc.—so why are we not rethinking the ways to make use of these wasted heat energies?
In reality, heat pump water heating technology is a great way for homes or businesses to take advantage of the existing heat and in turn, reduce carbon emissions and cut back energy costs. If you’ve not yet realized, the water heater in your house or office could be energy-guzzling, which translates to the high price tags in your electric bills. Fortunately, heat is an infinitely renewable source that can be used to meet your household’s or business’ hot water needs.
What are Heat Pump Water Heaters
Most household’s or business’ conventional water heaters are powered purely by gas or electricity to generate heat to provide hot water. However, heat pump water heaters work in a different manner.
Essentially, a heat pump water heater system works like a refrigerator in reverse. They extract energy from a heat source, usually air, and move the energy around to heat water instead of generating heat directly.
To be more specific, the heating unit draws the ambient air around the water heater, which is then absorbed and compressed by the refrigerant. The compression turns the refrigerant hot and subsequently transfers heat to the water.
The system does use some electricity, but significantly lesser than an electric heater. A heat pump water heater uses electricity only when it needs to set off a pump that circulates the refrigerants.
Because heat pumps absorb heat energy from the air, it will work better in a warm climate, and preferably somewhere with excess heat. Otherwise, the system wouldn’t have enough warm air to power the heat pump.
But…. What if the surrounding temperature is not hot enough?
Well, we knew this question will pop up sooner or later. Thankfully, Rheem’s heat pump water heaters are built intelligently to provide efficient and renewable energy solutions for domestic and commercial hot water supply. When the temperature around is too low, the hybrid design provides a good back-up and the water can still be heated using electricity.
Looking to build a more cost-effective water heater system for your home or businesses? Check out our range of heat pump water heaters here!

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