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The Role of Rheem’s Royal Platinum Instant Water Heater in Water Safety

| Tuesday April 2, 2024

Water safety is a top priority for every household in Malaysia. In this blog, we will delve into the significance of water safety and explore how Rheem’s Royal Platinum Instant Water Heater, equipped with advanced features like AG+ Antibacterial Technology, plays a crucial role in maintaining water hygiene and safeguarding the health of households.

AG+ Antibacterial Technology: Enhancing Water Safety

Rheem’s Royal Platinum Instant Water Heater boasts innovative AG+ Antibacterial Technology, a powerful shield against harmful bacteria within the instant water heater. This technology utilizes silver ions (Ag+), which are scientifically proven to inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria. This AG+ Antibacterial Technology has been tested and approved by accredited laboratories, proving its effectiveness in eliminating 99.9% of bacteria. This ensures that the technology delivers on its promise of cleaner and safer water for your family.

Rheem’s Royal Platinum Instant Water Heater

Beyond Water Safety: Advanced Features for Peace of Mind

Rheem understands that water safety goes beyond just preventing bacteria. The Royal Platinum Instant Water Heater offers additional advanced features designed to enhance overall safety and user experience:

3-in-1 Compact Valve

This innovative valve acts as a multi-tasking guardian, regulating water flow, pressure, and temperature. It ensures optimal performance of the water heater by preventing excessive pressure buildup and potential leaks. Additionally, the 3-in-1 valve automatically regulates the water temperature minimizing the risk of scalding accidents, making it a valuable safety feature, especially in households with young children or elderly members.

Soft Touch LCD Display

The Royal Platinum Instant Water Heater features a user-friendly, soft-touch LCD display. This intuitive interface allows for effortless control and monitoring of the water heater. You can easily adjust temperature settings and monitor water flow. This transparency and ease of use make operating the water heater a breeze.

SmartStart Self-diagnosis

Modern technology plays a vital role in preventive maintenance, and the Royal Platinum Instant Water Heater’s SmartStart self-diagnosis function is a prime example. This advanced feature automatically detects potential problems within the water heater and initiates corrective measures. Whether it’s a minor issue or a more serious concern, the SmartStart system identifies it and takes necessary actions. This allows for quicker troubleshooting and ensures continuous operation by enabling timely service requests, minimizing downtime, and maintaining optimal performance.

A Smart Investment in Your Family’s Well-being

By combining cutting-edge technologies, Rheem’s Royal Platinum Instant Water Heater emerges as a leader in promoting water safety and hygiene in Malaysian households.  Investing in the Royal Platinum Instant Water Heater is not just about getting hot water; it’s about investing in the health and well-being of your family. With clean, safe water readily available, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is protected from potential waterborne illnesses. Reaching out to Rheem dealers today to learn more about Rheem’s Royal Platinum Instant Water Heater, or explore our other range of electric instant water heaters.

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