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8 Advantages of Instant Water Heaters

| Friday May 7, 2021

When it comes to have a great and comfortable shower, nobody will reject one. Whoever you are, or whatever you do, you always deserve a great shower experience. But how can you get a great shower experience? Well, it all depends on a good quality water heater, be it storage or tankless water heaters. Here in Malaysia, tankless or instant water heaters are more popular, and can be commonly found in the bathrooms of many households. There are many reasons why instant water heaters are favored by Malaysians. In this article, we will share with you some of the reasons why Malaysians prefer to have electric instant water heaters in their bathrooms, and why you should consider getting one for yourself.

Save space

The best thing about instant water heaters is that they do not require much space. Unlike storage water heaters, which are large and bulky in size, instant water heaters need only a small space on the wall of your bathroom.

Easy Installation

Because of its bulky and large size, installation of storage water heaters is typically more tedious. This is because the plumber would need to put in effort to find a suitable space that is large enough to fit a storage water heater. Once the installation is done, additional pipes may need to be installed to ensure water flows to the bathroom. In some cases, a false ceiling may need to be installed to conceal the storage water heater. However, because instant water heaters are smaller in size, installation is a lot simpler and quicker because it goes directly onto the wall of the bathroom.

Lower Installation Costs

As mentioned in the above point, the installation process for a storage water heater is more troublesome and tedious, as compared to instant water heaters. As such, it is not surprising for plumbers to charge a higher fee for installation of storage water heaters. On the other hand, installation of instant water heaters is simpler and more straightforward. As such, the installation cost for instant water heaters tends to be lower.

No Need for Waiting

With storage water heaters, the user will have to wait for water to be heated up in the storage tank. What most people would do is to turn on the storage water heater one hour before their bath time. Alternatively, they can choose to always leave the storage water heater on to ensure that hot water is readily available whenever they need. However, this would incur additional energy costs. With instant water heaters, there is no need for any of the above. This is because water is heated instantaneously, whenever the users need. This means that the user does not need to spend time waiting for a hot shower.

Never Run Out of Hot Water

Like what the name suggests, storage water heaters heat water up and store it for use at a later time. This means that the storage water heater has a reservoir of hot water readily available for use. However, in the event of multiple or heavy water usage, there is a chance that the hot water in the storage water heater will be depleted. The user will then have to give the storage water heater some time to heat water up. During this period, there will be no hot water available for use. On the other hand, instant water heaters do not have storage capability, and as such, will never run into a situation where they run out of hot water.

Illustration of Dripping water

Low Risks of Water Leaks

In the case of instant water heaters, leakages and water damage or flooding from leakages is not going to cause you any major concerns. For storage water heaters, water is stored in a water tank. While the water tank is built to lasts, accidents could happen at any time, resulting in a leakage, or in worst cases, a flooding of water from your storage water heater. This could cause damages to your house. However, because instant water heaters do not come with water tanks, they are thus immune to water leakage, flooding of water and damage to your house.

Clean and pure water

The longer you use your storage water heater, the dirtier it becomes. This is because over time, dirt and mineral deposits may accumulate in your storage water heater, causing the water to be contaminated whenever you use it. However, in case of instant water heaters this would be the least of your concerns. This is because instant water heaters do not come with a tank, and hence do not have storage capability.

Variety in Design

Most storage water heaters are installed close to the ceiling, and in some cases, concealed in false ceilings. The reason for this is to save space on the ground. Moreover, installing storage water heaters high up and close to the ceilings will improve the water pressure going down into your shower head. However, instant water heaters do not need to be concerned with that and can easily be installed on the wall of your bathroom. Because the instant water heater is installed on the wall of your bathroom, it becomes easily visible every time you take a shower. To beautify your bathroom, there are many different designs of instant water heaters that you can choose from.


So, there you have it: eight good reasons why instant water heaters are suitable for Malaysians and you! Looking for a good quality instant water heater? Consider Rheem! Rheem is an instant water heater company in Malaysia that offers a wide range of quality and durable instant water heaters in affordable prices. To find out more about Rheem’s range of electric instant water heaters, visit here: https://www.rheemmalaysia.com/products/electric-instant-water-heaters/

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