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When is the Best Time to Take a Warm Shower?

| Thursday September 12, 2019

For most of us, we take showers before we brave the day, and we conclude the same long and tiring day with another shower. However, when it comes to warm showers, when exactly is the best time to take one? Is it morning or evening? The answer is both. A warm shower in the morning has several benefits and taking one at night is also good for us too.
benefits of taking warm showers in the morning

The Benefits of Taking Warm Showers in the Morning

According to a review study published in the North American Journal of Medical Sciences, there are positive effects of warm baths and showers in the morning. For starters, the researchers discovered that warm showers in the mornings can help to raise our core temperature and open our blood vessels to stimulate blood flow throughout our bodies. This means that hot showers in the morning can help to enhance our cardiovascular health by improving our circulation.
Apart from an improved cardiovascular health, having better blood circulations in the mornings are also an effective way to prepare ourselves for a long day ahead. After a restful night, our bodies are usually stiff and sore when we get out of bed in the mornings. This is, then, a great time for a warm shower, because it can help our bodies to activate our muscles and loosen our joints and tendons as we gear up for the day.
In addition, the researchers also suggested having contrast showers in the mornings. As the name suggests, contrast showers are a form of shower method where users alternate between hot and cold water. After stimulating blood circulation with warm water, a cold shower will help to drive the blood flow inwards to our torsos to warm our internal organs. Lastly, we should end our contrast showers with warm water to get the blood going again to other parts of our bodies.
Still need another reason why we should take warm showers in the mornings? Here’s another one for you: Japanese researchers explored the mental health benefits of warm baths. They followed 38 participants who took warm baths for a two-week period. After the observation period, the participants reported improved sociability, reduced susceptibility to anger or hostility, and lowered perceived level of stress and tension. Hence, when taken in the morning, warm baths can, indeed, go a long way in setting our mood for the day ahead.
benefits of taking warm showers in the evening

The Benefits of Taking Warm Showers in the Evening

Now we know that warm showers in the morning can activate our bodies by raising our core temperature and stimulating our blood circulation. But how do warm showers benefit us in the evenings? Can a warm shower improve our sleep at night?
Perhaps the best explanation for this came from the National Center for Biotechnology Information. According to them, while warm showers help raise our body temperature, stepping out of the bathroom right after a warm shower immediately cools us down as water droplets on our skin evaporates quickly. During this process, the rapid change in our core temperature sends signals to our brain to tell them that it is time to head to bed.
And of course, it’s no hidden secret that the earlier and faster we sleep, the more time we have for rest, charging our bodies up to prepare for a more productive tomorrow. So, if you need quality sleep to prepare yourself for the next day, maybe you should consider removing all distractions such as TVs before bed and take a warm shower instead!
But that’s not all. Taking warm showers in the evenings can keep our skins healthy too. According to dermatologists, simply using a mild cleanser with warm water is an effective way to wash your face, especially after dirt, excess oil, and pollutants have gathered on the skin after a long day out.

How Warm Showers Benefit Us

There is never a wrong time to take warm showers. A warm shower in the morning can set our minds and bodies for the day ahead, while taking one at night can help us end the day right. Above all, warm showers should be part of our daily routine because they can help us tackle the physical and mental demands of our daily lives.
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