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Gas Fired Water Heaters For Commercial Use in Malaysia

| Thursday July 27, 2023

Gas Fired Water Heaters For Commercial Use in Malaysia

If you’re running a business in Malaysia, you know that hot water is essential to many operations. From restaurants to hotels to hospitals, hot water is required for cooking, cleaning, and sanitation. That’s why it’s important to have a reliable gas-fired water heater that can deliver hot water quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to commercial water heating solutions in Malaysia, Rheem Malaysia’s Gas Fired Water Heaters stand out as a reliable and efficient choice.These innovative water heaters offer speedy heating capabilities, precise temperature control, and a range of features designed to enhance performance while keeping operating costs low.

In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of Rheem Malaysia’s Gas Fired Water Heaters, making them the perfect choice for commercial applications.


Speedy Heating: Delivering Up to 7720 Litres of Hot Water in the First Hour

Rheem Malaysia’s Gas Fired Water Heaters are designed to provide rapid heating capabilities, ensuring a constant supply of hot water in commercial settings. With the ability to deliver up to 7720 litres of hot water in the first hour, these water heaters excel in high-demand environments such as hotels, restaurants, and office buildings. Say goodbye to long waiting times and enjoy the convenience of abundant hot water on demand.


Hot Surface Ignition: Reliable Performance with Low Operating Costs

The Hot Surface Ignition feature found in Rheem Malaysia’s Gas Fired Water Heaters eliminates the need for a pilot light, resulting in greater reliability and reduced energy consumption. By removing the constant burning of a pilot light, these water heaters save on fuel costs and offer a more environmentally friendly solution. Enjoy consistent performance and lower operating costs without compromising on reliability.


Multi-Fin Flue Tube Technology: Enhanced Thermal Efficiency in Compact Spaces

Space is often a premium in commercial settings, and Rheem Malaysia’s Gas Fired Water Heaters are designed with this in mind. The multi-fin flue tube technology maximizes thermal input and improves thermal efficiency, making these water heaters ideal for installations in smaller spaces. With Rheem, you can enjoy efficient water heating solutions without sacrificing valuable floor space.


Accurate Temperature Control with Electronic Thermostat and Digital Setting Display

Maintaining precise water temperature is crucial in commercial applications. Rheem Malaysia Gas Fired Water Heaters offer accurate temperature control with an electronic thermostat and a digital setting display. This allows for easy and precise adjustments to meet the specific needs of your business. Say goodbye to fluctuating water temperatures and enjoy consistent hot water delivery.


Cost Efficiency and Installation Flexibility

Rheem Malaysia’s Gas Fired Water Heaters are designed to be cost-efficient, reducing the need for fan assistance, mechanical ventilation, and power flue terminal connections. The space-saving design with short heights and narrow jacket diameters, along with top, front, and rear water inlets/outlets, offers ultimate installation flexibility. These features make Rheem water heaters a practical and cost-effective choice for commercial applications.



Rheem Malaysia’s Gas Fired Water Heaters are the go-to solution for commercial water heating needs in Malaysia. With their speedy heating capabilities, reliable performance, and cost-effective operation, these water heaters ensure a constant supply of hot water while keeping energy costs in check. The innovative features such as Hot Surface Ignition, multi-fin flue tube technology, and accurate temperature control make Rheem water heaters a smart investment for any commercial establishment. 

Choose Rheem for a powerful, efficient, and reliable water heating solution that meets the demands of your business.

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