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How Long Should a Tankless Water Heater Last?

| Wednesday August 17, 2022

As a consumer, one of the first things we want to know when purchasing an appliance is how long it would be able to last us. In this article, we will be taking a deeper dive into how long a tankless water heater should last you and what you can do to extend its lifespan. 

A tankless water heater – also known as an instant water heater, is a common household appliance in most Malaysian homes. It heats up water on-demand, providing users with a never-ending supply of hot water at their desired temperature.

So, what is the average lifespan of a tankless water heater?

The honest answer is that, like with all appliances, it depends. However, with that being said, you can still expect most tankless water heaters to serve you for approximately 15 to 20 years. For the purpose of comparison, the lifespan of traditional storage water heaters is typically around 10 years.

This estimate is based on the industry average, the presence of certain features and a normal pattern of usage. When we understand the factors that affect the lifespan of the water heater units better, we would be better equipped with valuable knowledge that would help us select a tankless water heater that has a longer estimated lifespan. Additionally, with the points mentioned below, we would also be able to perform certain simple but effective tips to extend the water heating unit’s overall lifespan.

The factors behind the tankless water heater’s longevity: 

There are 2 key factors behind the tankless water heaters’ longer operational lifetime compared to traditional storage water heaters:

1. On-demand heating

Storage water heaters function by storing a large amount of water in its tank and will operate to keep that water constantly heated 24/7. As you can imagine, this greatly increases the amount of wear and tear on the appliance as it needs to go through continuous heating cycles to ensure that the water in its tank stays at the desired temperature set. On the other hand, tankless water heaters only run whenever we switch it on to take a shower. Thus, overall running usage is much lower than that of a traditional storage water heater. 

2. Limited exposure to water

Storage water heaters and their tanks are exposed to water 24/7. In an area with hard water – where there is high mineral content – the hard water can cause build-up and result in corrosion of water pipes and home appliances. Since storage water heaters are constantly exposed to water, it may be more prone to corrosion, especially if it is in constant contact with “hard water”. Most of the common issues we typically associate with water heaters such as water discolouration, sediment in the water and leaking ceilings, in fact, stem from corroded or rusted storage tanks. However, since tankless water heaters do not require a tank to operate, this minimizes the risk of corrosion and all its related issues.


Tips to maximise your tankless water heater’s lifespan:

  1. Make sure to get your water heater installed by an expert/professional

It can be tempting to skimp on installation costs and proceed with a DIY project, however, it is important to note that having a proper installation is a major determinant of the lifespan of a water heater. Improper installation can result in leaks and water pressure issues within just a few years. Having a water heating appliance improperly installed will not only create a hassle to repair it and result in unnecessary costs incurred but will also knock years off the expected lifespan of the water heating unit. Ensure that your investment lasts by having your water heater installed by a professional. 

1. Perform regular maintenance

There are no two ways about it: preventative maintenance is always cheaper than repairs. While the tankless water heater is an extremely low-maintenance household appliance, it is still a device with various moving parts and electrical components. Additionally, it is also an appliance that is used regularly and maybe even multiple times daily. Thus, for optimal performance, it would be highly recommended to schedule professional maintenance, servicing and inspections for your water heater. Maintenance is needed because, over time, mineral deposits will build up within the heating chamber of your tankless water heater. You could also consider installing a water filter to minimise deposit build-up. With regular maintenance, you can address and find any issues with the water heater early and prevent it from snowballing. 

2. Purchase your water heater from a reliable water heater manufacturer

Not all tankless water heaters are created equal. An established, trustworthy and reputable manufacturer is far more likely to produce more reliable, durable and high-quality water heaters that can withstand the test of time. 


With nearly 100 years in the water heating market, Rheem has continuously devoted itself to producing innovative and advanced water heating solutions to suit our customer’s unique needs and wants. Innovation, quality and reliability are at the core of Rheem’s values, and we constantly strive to produce better water heating solutions to provide our customers with the best shower experience. 

If you’re looking to invest in a high-quality, reliable and aesthetic tankless water heater, why not consider Rheem? 

Rheem’s new range of Prestige Instant Water Heaters is the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. The Prestige Platinum Instant Water Heater, Prestige Plus Instant Water Heater and the Prestige Instant Water Heaters are great choices to consider if you are looking for something to fit a sleek, modern and minimalist aesthetic. These tankless water heaters are also equipped with a myriad of features and benefits that provides our users with value for their money. 

Each tankless water heater has inbuilt safety features to prevent overheating or scalding from occurring. Additionally, the outer casing of the tankless water heater has IP25 protection. This means that the water heating unit is water splashproof, and its inner components have adequate protection from water damage. 

In addition to this, the Prestige Instant Water Heater Series is equipped with a stainless-steel heating chamber that provides more protection against corrosion, thus, helping to extend the lifespan of the water heating unit. The Prestige Instant Water Heaters also are equipped with a powerful, durable and high-quality replaceable Incoloy heating element. This heating element not only ensure a faster heating time but also helps to prevent dryfiring and is able to withstand corrosion and oxidation under high temperatures. Additionally, since the Incoloy heating element is replaceable, in the instance where the heating element is faulty, repairs would be more convenient and less costly as only one part needs to be changed instead of the whole unit. 

On top of the above, these tankless water heaters are also equipped with a variety of shower head spray options. Elevate, enjoy and indulge in a rejuvenating hot shower with Rheem’s Prestige Instant Water Heater Series. 

With all these features and benefits, Rheem’s tankless water heaters would definitely be able to last you for a long time and provide you the best shower experience throughout its lifespan. 


Want to learn more about our Prestige Instant Water Heater Series? Click on the links below: 



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