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Storage Water Heaters for Tight Ceiling Spaces

| Tuesday July 14, 2020

You’ve just gotten the keys to your new apartment and you’re thrilled to be moving in. The entire space is an empty canvas for your personality, and you can’t wait to fill it with the sleekest furniture and the latest gadgets. The bathroom is one important corner at home because it’s where you often start and end your day, whether it’s grooming, brushing teeth, or taking a shower. Because you spend so much time in there, it’s natural to want to have a premium shower experience. After much contemplation, you decide on a storage water heater, because of its excellent water pressure and consistent flow of hot water.

You walk into the bathroom, look up at the ceiling, and gasp in horror: a tight bathroom ceiling space. It’s a small but mighty pain point for so many homes; with such limited space, how are you ever going to fit a storage water heater in there?

Fret not; Rheem has got you covered with these two models of storage water heaters:

EHG Slim Classic Electric Storage Water Heater

If you’ve been a follower of Rheem for some time, the EHG Classic Electric Storage Water Heater shouldn’t be a stranger to you. After several improvements, this model—renamed the EHG Slim Classic Electric Storage Water Heater—now boasts a slimmer and leaner design, making it perfect for tight ceiling spaces.

Apart from its lean shape, the EHG Slim Classic Electric Storage Water Heater supports universal mounting. It’s great news for homeowners because they can choose to install the adjustable thermostat either on the left or right side of the storage water heater, making installation a real breeze.

RFA Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heater

Most storage water heaters sport a cylindrical look, and they can be unsightly in the eyes of some homeowners. In fact, it’s not uncommon to hear of homeowners taking the false ceiling installation approach in an attempt to conceal the storage water heater. But for the RFA Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heater, it boasts a box-like shape that’ll appeal to someone who prioritises sleekness and aestheticism. So, if you’re having serious second thoughts on the installation of a false ceiling in your bathroom in order to mask your water heater, why not go for the RFA Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heater instead? 

To find out more about Rheem’s range of electric storage water heaters, click here.

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