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Tankless Water Heaters – A Buyer’s Guide

| Friday December 9, 2022

There is one modern household appliance that many of us cannot live without. Despite its simple function, it provides users with great comfort, promotes better blood circulation, helps promote better sleep, and also soothes sore muscles. That’s right, we are referring to a water heater and the relaxing hot showers it provides.There are two major types of residential water heaters in the market. In Malaysia, the water heater type that is rising in popularity is the tankless water heater, which is also commonly known as the instant water heater. 

What is a tankless/instant water heater?

The standout function of a tankless water heater is that it heats water instantly and on-demand, without the need for a hot water storage tank. 

Prior to the development of the tankless water heater, all water heaters relied on a storage tank to provide hot water for their users. A large amount of water would be kept constantly heated in a storage tank and then distributed as required. These heaters were known as storage water heaters or tank water heaters. 

Over the years, after numerous technological innovations and advancements, the tankless water heater was developed and introduced in the market. As its name suggests, these tankless water heaters do not require a storage tank to operate. Instead, the tankless water heater acts as an intermediary between your household water inlet and your shower head. Cold water from the inlet is heated up as it flows through a heat exchanger. By the time the water exits your shower head, it would already be at your desired temperature set on the appliance

Tankless water heaters are much smaller and more compact than tank water heaters. High-quality tankless water heaters are usually equipped with a durable, fast heating and powerful heating element to ensure that users are able to enjoy their hot showers the moment their shower is turned on. These tankless water heaters are also equipped with inbuilt safety features to provide more protection for users as they are mounted on bathroom walls and generally in close proximity to their users. 

Is a tankless/instant water heater the right choice for me? 

The tankless water heater fits most average Malaysians’ needs of only requiring a ready flow of hot water for showers. However, there are two notable exceptions:


Exception #1: Higher number of connected appliances

Most Malaysian households only use hot water in the bathroom. That is why the tankless water heater is becoming a popular choice throughout the country. However, if you also require a hot water supply for a sink or dishwasher, you should consider the storage water heater instead as it is able to provide heated water to multiple water outlets in the household simultaneously.

Exception #2: Higher upfront cost

A tankless water heater can only be connected to one water outlet. Therefore, every bathroom would require having its own tankless water heater installed. Additionally, if you live in a landed property or low-level apartment unit, your household water pressure may be low and your tankless water heater may require a pump. This can add up to a higher initial upfront cost. Therefore, if your budget is extremely tight, you may want to consider a storage water heater instead: https://www.rheemmalaysia.com/product/RCY-classic-plus-electric-storage-water-heater

If these exceptions do not apply to you, you can enjoy the following benefits of installing a tankless water heater in your bathroom:

Pro #1: An endless supply of hot water

The tankless water heater provides hot water on demand. In comparison with the storage water heater, it will never run out of hot water if you’re taking a long shower or if other people have taken a hot shower before you. As mentioned above, the tankless water heater is equipped with a heating element within its compact water heating unit, thus, it is able to heat water faster and on demand when turned on for a shower. 

Pro #2: Lower monthly bills

The tankless water heater offers more savings in the long run as compared to the storage water heater, as water is only heated on-demand, rather than being kept warm round-the-clock. With storage water heaters, the water heating appliance is usually kept on 24/7 to ensure that the water in the tank remains heated at the desired temperature for its users. On the other hand, tankless water heaters are only turned on when a hot shower is needed. Thus, because of the difference in running time, the tankless water heater is more energy efficient and is able to help save on bills. 

Pro #3: Easy installation and maintenance

Since tankless water heaters are built to be more compact and space-saving, the tankless water heater is able to be installed directly onto a single bathroom wall. Therefore, no additional pipes are needed to connect to the water inlet. Its easily accessible location also facilitates easy maintenance and repairs if needed

Pro #4: Space savings and easy detection of any leaks

The tankless water heater can fit on a single bathroom wall. It is completely visible to the user, allowing early diagnosis of any leaks and faults. By contrast, the storage water heater requires a large amount of space due to its bulkier storage tank and is often installed above a false ceiling. In this position, corrosion or leaks in the tank often go unnoticed until they’ve caused damage to the ceiling.

With all these benefits, it’s no surprise that tankless water heaters are the popular choice among Malaysians. 

Features a tankless water heater should have:

If you are interested in purchasing a tankless water heater for your household, here are some features that you should look out for. 

Feature #1: IP25 water splash proof casing 

Tankless water heaters are installed on the wall of your shower, this means that during your shower, the tankless water heater unit may be in frequent contact with water. Thus, to ensure that your water heating unit’s internal components are protected, it is important to look for tankless water heaters with IP25 protection. 

Feature #2: Durable and powerful heating element 

Since tankless water heaters provide hot water for your showers on demand, it is recommended to choose a tankless water heating unit that utilizes a durable and powerful heating element. A recommended heating element would be an incoloy heating element. An incoloy heating element is able to withstand high temperatures, and resist oxidation and other types of high-temperature corrosion. 

Feature #3: Inbuilt safety features 

With any electrical appliance, it is important to find ones that have inbuilt safety features to provide more protection when the appliance is in use. For tankless water heaters, safety features such as software to prevent overheating or scalding and electrical shock protection are something to seek out. 

While tankless water heaters have strict safety guidelines they have to adhere to, searching for a tankless water heater that has more safety features would still be recommended. 



With Rheem’s tankless water heaters, you can enjoy all these product features and benefits. Our Prestige Instant Water Heater Series is equipped with the best materials, functions, and features to ensure that our customers enjoy the best hot showers for many years. 

Rheem’s Prestige Instant Water Heater Series features three models: the Prestige Platinum Instant Water Heater, the Prestige Plus Instant Water Heater, and the Prestige Instant Water Heater. 

The Prestige Platinum Instant Water Heater has a gold and black finish, encapsulating a timeless aesthetic. It is also equipped with a touch-sensitive LCD display which allows users to easily control their water heating unit with the simple touch of a fingertip. Its sleek, minimalist, and futuristic design will definitely elevate your bathroom aesthetic and provide you with a premium and luxurious bathroom vibe. 

The Prestige Plus Instant Water Heater has a silver and black finish, giving off a modern and stylish aesthetic. Users can easily control their water heating settings with the smooth knob of the appliance. The modern and stylish aesthetic would easily blend into any bathroom. 

The Prestige Instant Water Heater features a white and silver design. This is the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. Similar to the Prestige Plus Instant Water Heater, users are also able to easily control their water heating unit’s settings with the smooth knob that the water heater features. 

The Prestige Instant Water Heater Series are all equipped with an IP25 water splashproof casing to provide more protection to the internal components of the water heating unit. They also have inbuilt safety features that provide users with more protection and peace of mind when using the water heating appliance. 

Each Prestige Instant Water Heater has a replaceable Incoloy heating element which is durable and powerful, providing users with many years of enjoyable hot showers. Since the heating element is replaceable, it also makes any maintenance and repairs easier and cheaper if there are any issues with it. This is because instead of changing the whole water heating unit, only the part needs to be replaced. 

Rheem’s Prestige Instant Water Heater Series is the best blend of aesthetic and functionality. Elevate and indulge in rejuvenating and relaxing hot showers with our tankless/instant water heaters. With the different shower spray head options that are provided with each Prestige Instant Water Heaters, you can also enjoy a variety of options for your showers. The possibilities and enjoyment are endless with Rheem. 


Find out more information about our tankless/instant water heaters below: 




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