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All You Need to Know about Rain Showers

| Monday May 18, 2020

Having a warm shower is an incredible privilege, and nothing screams “relax” more than standing under one of those magnificent showerheads that literally rain down upon you. Not only does it remind us of a posh vacation, but it also pulls us right back to our childhood dream of playing in the rain. Without having to catch a cold, of course.
Apart from creating a world of difference to your bath time, having a rain showerhead will propel your home into the future. If you’re still unsure what a rain showerhead is, read to find out more:

What Is a Rain Showerhead?

A rain showerhead is a showerhead that is typically mounted on the ceiling or occasionally on the wall. It often has a large face, and is intended and designed to mimic the experience of a rainfall. More often than not, rain showerheads are made of either shiny chrome or plastic. But options like brass or other metals are also available.

Pros of getting a rain showerhead

A long day at work or a sleepy morning calls for a calming shower, and a rain showerhead might be your best bet. But how do you figure out which option is best for you?

  • Shower-in-the-rain experience

If you want to feel like the whole sky is raining down on you, a rain showerhead might find its right place in your bathroom. The constant, gentle and smooth flow of water pouring down on you from head to toe will soothe your muscles and calm your spirits.

  • (Seemingly) Shorter Shower Time

With a rain showerhead, you might find yourself spending less time in the shower since the water from the showerhead can saturate your body effectively and evenly. Less time means less water, which also means the monthly bills will be easier on your pocket. However, on the flip side, we could also argue that a rain shower experience can be so soothing that you’ll find yourself not wanting to step out of the showers so quickly.

  • Hands-free Shower

Imagine yourself heading home after a long day at work. You’re so tired that it hurts just to move another muscle. Fixed on the ceiling or wall, a rain showerhead can help you to minimize movement, while all you need to you is to stand in the shower and enjoy the rainfall experience. Additionally, if you have family members at home who have shaky or arthritis hands, a rain showerhead might be easier for them, as compared to a handheld showerhead.

  • Elegant and Luxurious Design

Giving your showerhead a makeover can boost your style quotient to the next level. A rain shower set is usually sleek, modern and finished in polished chrome, making it one of the most beautiful fixtures in your bathroom.

Disadvantages of Rain Showerhead

The benefits of a rain showerhead speak for themselves, but it does have its downsides too. It’s good to consider some of them before fixing one in your bathroom.

  • Tends to be Pricey

Financially speaking, there’s a lot to consider when you want to change your bathroom showerhead. Most rain showerheads in the market are costly, and that could be a major turn off for some. Thus, it’s best to prepare a budget and expect to pay more if you’re going for a model with top features.

  • Not Suitable if You Are Living in a Rented Apartment

Unlike handheld showerheads, a rain showerhead is more of a permanent fixture, and may require some installation. As such, it is nearly impossible for you to install a rain showerhead in a rented apartment, especially when you have a strict landlord who restricts installation in the house.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Showerhead

Here are the things you should have in mind while shopping for a showerhead. By now, you may be very tempted to elevate your shower experience with a rain showerhead. But before you do so, these are some things you should have in mind while shopping for a showerhead:

  • Material of Rain Showerhead

Most showerheads are made of metal or plastic. Those made with metal are comparably sturdier and more durable, while being able to withstand higher water pressure. Hence, be prepared to pay more for better quality rain showerheads.

  • Your Outgoing Water Pressure

Rain showerheads are designed to suit a specific water pressure range. When it comes to a warm shower with a rain showerhead, more often than not, most people tend to use a rain showerhead with a storage water heater. This is because a storage water heater tends to provide better water pressure.
However, certain tankless or instant water heaters such as Rheem’s Prestige Platinum Instant Water Heater comes with built-in pumps. With a built-in pump, you can enhance your outgoing water pressure, making it suitable for a rain showerhead.
To have the maximum luxury of a rain shower, consistent water flow is important. You may not be able to fully enjoy the rain showerhead’s complete benefits if the outgoing water pressure is not enough.

  • Water Consumption

If you have concerns over high water usage and monthly bills, opt for a showerhead that will reduce water waste. Such rain showerheads usually come with an option to adjust water-limiting flow restrictor. Also, some claim that it feels like hot water runs out faster, but from experience, this is not a problem.

  • Finishing of Rain Showerhead

You may think that you want a thin showerhead with a shiny chrome finish, but don’t be too hasty with your purchase. Ideally, your rain showerhead should be something that blends in with your bathroom décor. Before you buy a showerhead, you should decide whether you are replacing an old showerhead or doing a full-scale redo. The design and finish of the showerhead should match any faucets and fittings that you have or are planning on fitting in.

  • Budget

Upgrading your shower can be either affordable or costly. Your budget plays a major role in the type of rain showerheads that you’ll buy—showerheads with high-end features logically cost more. If you have a big household and are using the showerhead on a daily basis, you should consider spending a little more on something that’s more durable.
Looking to elevate your shower experience? An electric storage water heater provides excellent water pressure, making it the perfect companion to your showerhead. Check out our range of electric storage water heaters here. Alternatively, if you are looking for an instant water heater, check out Rheem’s Prestige Platinum Instant Water Heater. With a built-in pump, this instant water heater can provide good water pressure, making it a perfect companion for your rain showerhead? Oh, did we also mention that the Prestige Platinum Instant Water Heater comes with a rain showerhead? Check it out here!

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